October 23, 2017

The Most Comfortable Office Chair for Long Hours Building Your Empire

When building your own empire, time becomes your most valuable resource. The majority of that time is spent in your office, sitting in your office chair while you pour your heart and soul into the project of your dreams so that you can live the life you have always imagined. You will write emails, contact […]


Dream Cars Of The Super Rich

A dream car is a piece of art and are so much more than transportation. For about one percent of the population, a vehicle takes precedence over anything which means you will see flamboyance and swagger at it’s finest. Whether or not you agree with these lifestyle choices, let’s take a look at the best […]


Feel Like You’re Living In 2050 With These Tech Gadgets

Feel Like You’re Living In 2050 With These Tech Gadgets RJ X super Mario Brothers Watch Price $18950 This is NOT a smartwatch, in fact you can’t even play the game on it but you will be able to see Mario and a mushroom as well as other artifacts. This timepiece is created by Romain […]



Having had a modest upbringing, London native Gary Jones is a successful entrepreneur who fully enjoys all things luxurious.


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