October 23, 2017

Feel Like You’re Living In 2050 With These Tech Gadgets


RJ X super Mario Brothers Watch Price $18950


This is NOT a smartwatch, in fact you can’t even play the game on it but you will be able to see Mario and a mushroom as well as other artifacts. This timepiece is created by Romain Jerome, luxury watchmaker who has only made 85 of these watches.


Leica M Monochrom (Type 246) Price $7450 (body only)


The ultimate camera for Monochrome shooters, the M (Type246) has a true black and white sensor as well as a sapphire glass LCD and complete ISO 25000 support. Jim Fisher, camera analyst hit the nail on the head when he said this niche digital rangefinder camera is not for everybody.


Vertu Aster Stingray Price $9344 – $9646


The Aster offers the same hand made quality at the Vertu Signature Touch – which was last year on offer at $10800. The Stingray has 64GB storage, Qualcomm snapdragon 2.3 GHz 801 quad core processor and is an Android 4.4 device. It works on LTE 4G and GSM 3G and has a 13 megapixel camera certified by Hasselblad as well as having Dolby Digital Sound built in. Not as masculine as the Signature Touch the Vertu is much more unisex. Offered in three leather colours: Pure Black Stingray, Pink Stingray, and Blue Stingray, there are only 280 each of these pieces available. When you buy a Stingray you will be entitled to six months of the services that Vertu offers such as spas, private parties, gyms and much more worldwide.


Gresso Regal Case Price $1000 Upwards


If you can’t afford an expensive phone but still want the same feeling, an expensive case will solve the problem. A collection of cases for iPhones (as well as some Android phones made under the Regal name) are limited to just 999 pieces. No tools are needed to get the clam shell design off as the cases use a magnetic locking system. Depending on your budget the lower end T1 is manufactured from titanium while the T2 and T3 models – which are $1500 each have 18K white or yellow gold inserts and titanium coated to black.


Panasonic Toughpad 4K Performance (UT-MA6) Price $6999

This 20 inch tablet does the same job as a 4K display of an ultra large screen TV. It is a rugged and lightweight tablet which is essentially an all in one desktop that is running windows. An overpriced device that you can’t break and if you like, you could by a Toughpad Stylus Pen or stand/ cradle and pay even more.


Having had a modest upbringing, London native Gary Jones is a successful entrepreneur who fully enjoys all things luxurious.


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