October 23, 2017

Why Dartz Is Good


Dartz motorz – What Is It?


An overused phrase that has been heard over and over again is “You Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before”! Usually this is used when you talk about items of luxury and in this case it couldn’t be more true.


The armored high performance vehicles from Dartz Motorz are something that have not been seen before in a bespoke luxury vehicle. They are unique, beautiful, safe but at the same time brutish and there is no other vehicle around to compare them to.


Favoured by some of the wealthiest and most important people in the world such as politicians, celebrities and the superstars of today, Dartz Motorz have become renowned due to their bulletproof opulence.


Dartz Motorz have been around for a lot of years and they offer a huge range of vehicle models. This Latvian based company has been customizing, designing, manufacturing and selling these vehicles based on what the owner’s requirements are when it comes to high performance armoured vehicles.


The Dartz Prombron


Even though this is the “basic model” which all the other Dartz vehicles are based around, they are anything but basic! It first became noticed worldwide for it‘s interior design, with whale penis be used to created it’s upholstered leather interior.


Since that time, nothing has been toned down and The Prombron is still known as one of the most ludicrously luxury vehicles on earth.


Available in quite a few different models, The Dartz Prombron is unlike any other 4X4 SUV on the market. The Pullman and Saloon are the most basic of models, each available as a standard, short of long based model.


Now that you have gone the basic design for your Prombron, you can choose from a wide range of options to please you aesthetically. This includes what materials are used such as an exhaust made from tungsten, a diamond encrusted gauge, gold plating or a badge which is embedded with rubies.


Along with the above options you can then decide what type and size of engine you require. The most common options here are the AMG V8 or the AMG V12.


Finally you will need to decide on the level of bulletproofing, with B7 being the top of the range, B2 will keep you safe in most situations that occur. B7 provides you will the highest military grade protection, making sure that you are safe from land mines and rocket propelled grenades.


Further Details


These vehicles from Dartz are only for people who desire complete luxury when purchasing a car. Dartz are all about details and will ensure that every single customer is 100% with their custom made car. You can be sure that you are only purchasing a one of a kind vehicle from Dartz.


Buying From Dartz
Pricing of your vehicle will depend on your requirements. Most Dartz vehicles will come with six zeros attached. As seen in Monaco at the 2010 Top Marques, the Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition was sold well over the $1.25 million mark.



Having had a modest upbringing, London native Gary Jones is a successful entrepreneur who fully enjoys all things luxurious.


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